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  Undeniably one of the most famous bands in Armenia, The Bambir is a music collective spanning 4 decades. With more than fifty musicians having passed through its ranks, the band has now moved into its second generation, with sons of the original members making up a new four-piece ensemble.

    " The Bambir’s search pushes the boundaries of musical norms, combining progressive rock with traditional Armenian folk, and steeping the result in the spiritual, the poetic, and the love of a good time." - - Jerath Head, Le Cool
  1. Current Bambir:
  2. Jag  - vocals, guitar

  3. Arman Kocharyan - bass, vocals

               Arik Grigoryan - woodwinds, vocals

             Grisha Mirzoyan - cello

             Azat Harutunyan - cello

             Anna Kocharyan - Violin



Narek and Arman, friends since birth, grew up in Gyumri in the creative environment built by their fathers and community. They picked up the guitar and bass at a very young age. They met Arik when they were nine years old, and their trio began jamming and performing on their own. 

In 1999-2000 they travelled to Los Angeles and New York, and even recorded an album (never released) in California but had to return to Armenia, and school. Ashot Korganyan joined them on drums in 2001. As the boys grew up in Gyumri they became better musicians and started playing more and more. The four-piece returned to Los Angeles in 2007, and Ashot left the band upon their return. That same year, the now trio travelled to Shushi in Nagorno Kharabagh for a music festival where Narek, Arman, and Arik met Vardan- he had come from Vanadzor in the Lori region to play with a friend’s band, and the boys from Gyumri knew he was just the drummer they were looking for.





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